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Loch Bay pilot farm deployed!

Loch Bay pilot farm deployed!

Kaly Group has deployed its first farming test lines in Loch Bay, Northwest Skye. The aim is to establish how well the site performs for different seaweed types using a variety of growing mediums. Data being collected will inform future growing techniques and which seaweeds deliver the optimum compositions to meet customer requirements.

As part of our commitment to net zero we deployed re-purposed marine infrastructure including anchors, chains, ropes and buoys. Fortunately a gap in the weather last week allowed the team to assemble the equipment and coordinate collection and deployment in a day with help from the team at Jiffmar and at Dunvegan pier – a big thanks also to Dunvegan Estates for all their assistance.

The team from Hortimare completed a busy week teaching us how to setup our test lines using a variety of different mediums to attach seedlings grown from locally sourced kelp spores collected last year. We learned a great deal and are really greatful for their patience, expertise and dedication to get us up and running.

Above all we are absolutely thrilled to have taken another step on our journey by getting the trial lines deployed successfully and now look forward to seeing the rewards over the coming months.