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Biostimulant Trial Introduction

Hello Waternish Growers!

KALY invites you to register your interest for our first bio-stimulants trial.

From the Seas and Lochs of Skye to your pollytunnels and gardens, KALY has created 100% natural fertilisers  from seaweed to trial this Spring.

These biostimulants and soil conditioners are suitable for fruit vegetables and all garden plants. The ‘home brew’ contains seaweed microorganisms that stimulate natural plant processes and improves root structure.

We plan to run trials with enthusiastic gardeners and growers on Waternish and would like to know who would be interested in becoming involved – we provide the bio-stimulant in return for your results.

Please submit your details below to register your interest by the 16th February, to be involved in this exciting venture which is only open to Waternish residents. 

We will be in touch shortly to organise collection.

“In your garden, every person may be their own artist without apology or explanation”.

From all of us at

KALY Team.

Trial Registration Ended